Name: Maggie Sullivan
Specialty: People, Infrared Film, Color, and Black and White Film

Bio: Looking back, I have realized I have always been interested in photography. I used to have my photos enlarged at kinko's before I realized that I could learn to do it better. I also tried modeling school, only to find out I would much rather be on the other end of the camera creating the image. I have been a student of photography at Richland Community College for about four years. I love the art of photography. After my first assignment from my instructor, I knew I finally found my niche. I have a passion for meeting new people and trying to capture their personalities through film and different lighting techniques. Photography is a way to share with others the way I view the world.
Name: Christopher Bryant
Specialty: Anything Beautiful

Bio: I love photographs, the truths they reveal. The lies they can tell. Night. The world is serene, at rest, an escape from the frenzy of day. Capturing lovers and the lonely at 1/30th of infinity. Day. Energy, vibrance, a childs wonder and delight. Finding the perfect shot after twelve hours arduous seaching. The beautiful scar in time, a fleeting moment never to return but is mine forever. Smelling chemicals while mapping the soul of light. There are six and a half billion visions in the world. This is just one. Is it art? Hell, I don't know, but it's mine and I like it. I hope you do as well.
Name: Erika Warbington
Specialty: People, Digital Color/Black and White, Various

Bio: I'm horrible at these, but here goes nothin'... I've always loved watching others and reading their thoughts through the expressions on their faces. More than anything, I love catching those moments, it's become an obsession. The feeling I get when looking at these pieces, I can't begin to explain. I just feel really...GOOD. Although I've only been practicing photography as a serious hobby for a little over a year, I truly think I have found something I was supposed to find--such as Maggie says, my "niche." My photography says the rest, so I'll just let it do the explaining.
Name: Gib Martinez
Specialty: People Places Products

Bio: I still remember people asking me what I was going to do after high school graduation. My reply was “nothing”, I just wanted to kick around in my home town and have one last summer, which I did, other than a moderate amount of farm work. After that I followed in my fathers footsteps, driving spikes for a living with the AT&SF (SantaFe Railway). I was 25 and still doing that heavy labor when I finally bought a brand new Nikon 2020 with a 210 mm lens, something I should have done much sooner. I’ll never forget the astonishment of my local friends, they couldn’t believe I spent that much on a camera and would ask “Do you know how to use that thing”? My answer was.......”No” but about three years later my 3rd publication was in “Horse n Rider” magazine. After ten long years of dangerous work on the AT&SF, I decided that It sure would be nice to retire with ten fingers and ten toes. That and I was off with an injury when I started attending the OK School of Photography in OKC. I never intended to make a living in the business but I thought it might be something to fall back on. Maybe work in a photo lab or something. I resigned from the RR a short time later and graduated from photo school a couple months after that. Next I was off to Dallas to attend The Art Institute and get computer skills for a graphic arts career. I did feel I could get into this field and had been encouraged to do so many times while still attending high school art classes. Needing to work my way through school, I talked to my school rep and informed him that I did have some photography schooling, he reluctantly steered me to a freelance assistant list for art institute photo grads. After I completed art school the rest is pretty much history. My first job, while still in school was assisting on a JC Penney location shoot. I'll never forget how hot it was setting up tents (the merch) and unloading a moving van full of equipment and props. Later I began assisting on everything from jewellery and fashion, to food and beverage, to airplane and automobile shoots. I have now travelled on assignments to almost every corner of the US and some tropical locations south of the border as well! Anything to make the day rate. Now I have my own studio about ten minutes from downtown Dallas, have my own clients and contracts with agencies who market my images on a world wide basis. It is a continuous struggle in this business but it is worth it and most of the time it pays off! It has really been an adventure... I guess getting hurt on that RR job turned out all right after all!
Name: Reba Warbington
Specialty: Animals, People, Landscapes, Macro, Conceptual

Bio: I love polar bears and in the late 1990's I wanted to photograph them in Churchill, Manitoba. I was going to take a tour so first, I had to get a camera and I had to learn how to use it, then I could take pictures of polar bears… I received my first camera for Christmas 1996, a basic starter Minolta Maxxum 400si Film SLR which was soon replaced by a Minolta Maxxum 650i Film SLR. I read books, magazines, and shot a lot of frames. I taught myself how to be a photographer. In 1999 I let my 15 year old niece Erika take some pictures with my film SLR that I hope fostered her passion for photography. A passion that burned hot, bright, and ended too soon. I've never made it to Manitoba, Canada and I've yet to photograph a polar bear in the wild but my adventures are not over. I've learned how to look, how to see, how to capture the moments that elude us because we're not watching. I've found beauty in the mundane and wonder in the ordinary. Photography defines me. It has become not what I do but who I am. A photographer sees life in images: mentally cropped, framed, angled, and creatively approached. Photography has been my passion, my love, for so long now. I do it mainly for myself, for my sense of self, for sanity, sometimes I do commission work for others, but mainly it is just for the love of the image and the joy it brings me. It is my photography that reminds me of Erika, that will keep her close to me, and will allow me to honor her memory forever.
Name: Nate Rehlander
Specialty: On-Location Portraiture

Bio: My love of photography began very early on, when my parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic to play with. I took pictures of the things I loved, which was my family and friends. After high school, I got my bachelors degree in photography from East Tecas State (Now Texas A & M University - Commerce). My technique has improved, but my subject matter is still the same - people. I have had a great teacher since graduating, a photographer - Lisa Means - who has taught me almost more than I learned in college, and who has helped me to hone my craft even further. I shoot for a variety of clients now, from corporate events, to PR, to band promos, album covers, etc. I love people, and the opportunity to capture a moment of time on film.
Name: Jacob Fakheri
Specialty: People

Bio:  I had a camera on me a lot in freshman high schoolbut I was kicked out of photo class for talking back to the teacher when she criticized my work. Respect for authority has never been a strong point, I've always liked doing things my way, darn the consequences. I gave up photography for about four years, and picked it back up midway my freshman year of college. I was living in Hawaii, and had a vague sensation I wouldn't be living there too much longer, so I wanted to document it. I got into taking photos of women, probably not for the right reasons, but I noticed that after a while it didn't matter anymore about the girls. All that mattered was the image, and how pretty the image was. I'm almost completely self taught, I did take one photo class last year, but barely passed because I was always off shooting my own work instead of class assignments. With me, there is no limit on a photograph. I'll do whatever it takes to get a shot. I've fallen off buildings, nearly been run over, and make a point of going to bad parts of town to do photos, just because that is half the fun for me. Photography lets me be my own version of Indiana Jones, always in search of that perfect shot.
Name: Derek Van Oss
Specialty: On-location portraiture, fashion, cityscape, digital / film

Bio:I first dove into photography in my junior year of High School at LD Bell in Hurst, TX. Our AP Art class began making pin-hole cameras and then making cyanotypes from the images we had captured. I was intrigued with the science of photography, the development process, light, lenses, etc. SO I made sure to sign up for Photojournalism in my senior year. When that class started, it was clear that I had started to develop a passion for what could be created and expressed with my new set of tools ( cameras and a darkroom ). I caught on very quickly and eventually became the "teacher's pet" constantly having my work used as the "correct" or "creative" way to go about doing things as well as being asked to help assist the other students in their venture into photography. I was then asked to join the school newspaper as a staff photographer as well as a cartoonist, and also join the yearbook team of photographers. By this time I had acquired most of the basic skills and understanding of photography that I started experimenting and learning my strengths and weaknesses. A friend of mine asked me to shoot her senior class pictures for her because she wanted shots that had a bit more of a creative edge to them rather than your typical studio shot images. That shoot got me highly interested in photographing people, and then narrowed even further to photographing people in cityscapes. My work is most highly influenced by the great Berenice Abbott and her vision of Pre and Post WW2 New York City. Since my time away from the traditional "student / teacher" learning environment, I've learned a lot about photography, and really worked at developing my own unique style. I've developed a keen interest in fashion photography, portraiture, and cityscapes. I currently shoot with a Nikon N65 SLR and a Canon Powershot G2 4.0MP Digital and currently have my studio ( Studio 1016 ) set up in Downtown Dallas TX.
Name: Diana Harrelson
Specialty: Architecture, Digital Manipulation, Found Photography

Bio: I was 9 years old visiting Austin with my grand parents taking pictures with a top of the line 110 camera *smirk* when I decided I was going to be a photo-journalist when I grew up. After graduating high school and figuring out that the only university I applied to (UD) was not for me I decided instead of majoring in English and History I'd actually go for that photography degree. So, I enrolled my self into CCCC and two years later came out with an Associate of Arts Degree in Photography. However, by the time I finished my degree I was so engrossed in my job at the time as a once Apple tech support geek turned graphic artist that I didn't pursue anything more in photography other than the occasional wedding gig on the side. After eventually ending up back in tech support and being laid off from 3dfx about two years later I wound back up at CCCC in a fast track program to achieve a certificate in "Digital Media". There I got to learn (and teach) all sorts of things including: digital - video, sound, music, animation, and photography. While I was busy finishing up that program I got a call from someone who found me on one of those job posting sites and it's now been over three years since I landed this web programing gig. Funny enough I started back to school January of last year, this time going for my BA in *gasp* nothing dealing with photography. Needless to say the last bit of photography I got paid for was yet another wedding. While weddings are nice I am capable of quite a bit more and that's what I have to show you here.
Name: Kevin Gibbs
Specialty: Portraiture, Architecture

Bio: I began photography in high school. Roswell, New Mexico didn't have much of a photo department but we learned on ancient medium format cameras. I did photography for the school newspaper in Roswell and then a little here in Dallas. I continue to learn and try new styles. I enjoy shooting still life, portraiture as well as architecture. I have had very little formal training and garner tips and techniques from other photographers, hands on and from reading. I use Canon systems for 35mm and a twin lens medium format. Recently, I have delved into digital, using a Canon 20D and my collection of lenses. Recently I set up a home studio and have also tried my hand at sports photography in the realm of motorcycle road racing.
Name: Marcia Perez
Specialty: Weather, Architecture, Black and White, Experimental

Bio:I've been intrigued by images and lighting for as long as I can remember. My first influences were severe weather when, as a child, I would sit at the window and peer with wonder at the changes the world went through during a summer thunderstorm. The filtered and reflected light turned the neighborhood into someplace unique for a few hours out of the day, though I wished it would stay that way forever. My journey continued through art and reading until it culminated in a degree in architecture from the University in Oklahoma in 2002. While at this point light and space were a keen interest, I did not pick up a camera seriously until my dad purchased an Olympus Accura point-and-shoot on Ebay for me. The first roll of pan F I shot my senior year in Oklahoma sealed the deal and I was hooked. I soon purchased a digital camera during graduate school, a small A 70 that I keep around for snapshots now. But my curiosity about the power of image capturing required nothing less than the full-on SLR, and my father and I found a nice inexpensive Pentax K1000 kit on Ebay. It's my sole means of photography now, so much that I've purchased a second. I'm still intrigued by severe weather and the power of light in architecture. But it is the harnessing and capturing of that light in a photograph that completes everything for me.
Name: Adolfo A. Cantú-Villarreal
Specialty: Black and White, Digital, Surreal if you close your eyes...

Bio: “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. ”

That is what I want with my pictures, I want to be true to myself, and with that I want to lie, and in my lies I want you to see the truth. And through shadows I want you to see light, an emotion you know, but through my eyes, my lens. An emotion that captures your imagination, because your imagination captures all of your senses, that’s what I want from you, that’s what I want to steal, to scar, to heal. Beauty ablaze in the dark. Just look at the sky at night, do you see the stars? That is my dream...
Art is my life, but photography is something very new to me.

Name: Cory Brooke
Specialty: Nature, People, Conceptual, Emotive, Animals, Urban, Various

Bio:I have never been good at expressing myself in words, so bare with me... As long as I can remember I have been facinated with art.When I was about 11 years old I asked for my first camera for Christmas. Of course it wasn't anything fancy, but needless to say I had a blast with it. I started taking photographs as a way to remember people I have known and places I had been. I really didn't take it seriously until people started telling me I had an "eye" for it. I found it as being a wonderful way to express myself as well as a way to capture moments in time. Moments, that otherwise would go unnoticed. Of course I am just scratching the surface of what I can accomplish and am still learning. My work is as ecclectic as I am. I am facinated with so many aspects of life and I feel my work reflects that.
Name: Anthony King
Specialty: Black and White Night Photography. Long Exposure

Bio: It all started roughly a year ago... On the way back from Austin I picked up a book on the basics of black and white photography. It sparked everthing. I bought my Canon AE1-Program from a pawn shop for a hundred dollars. From reading the manuals and an assortment of photography books, I have found myself victim to pretty much anything pertaining to photography. Everything I have learned thus far has not been the result of any formal teaching and I pride myself on that; only because, constantly I find myself with a book open learning.. taking notes. and all of it never seems to become boring. I have always tried to be original in all areas of my life. Conformity is boring right? With taking photos, I try to find shots I feel have never been photographed before. I simply stay away from any ideas that I, myself, haven't dreamt up. that sort feels like I'm basically stealing. I guess since I started, I felt as though a great picture is a print that people would look at more than twice. It is that belief that keeps me learning, keeps me taking pictures, and keeps me envisioning a print that a person would actually wake up from.
Name: Joseph Samuel Spector
Specialty: Digital, Visual Storytelling, Fantasy, Dark Artistry

Bio: A few years back I started off taking digital headshots and comp cards for models and actors at a casting company I worked for. I learned the art of framing and lighting, I took many photos and also worked as a grip in films. Directing films has always been my main passion in life. The more photos I take and films I make, the more I open my mind to capturing different genres for photography. Though, the more photos I take, the better the ideas I get for my films. I believe the two really play off eachother well. I think that photography and film is a never ending learning process, and I hope to keep learning as I go. I mostly enjoy taking photos that tells a story of someone or something. I always hunger for something greater and I do not think I will ever completely fill that void.
Name: John Wright
Specialty: Severe Weather

Bio: I became interested in photography in high school. I excelled in Biology and my teacher gave me the opportunity to learn about photography and the photographic process. As time has progressed, and other priorities have come into my life (family), my interest in photography has had to take a back seat. Now I'm getting the chance to get back into it. I look forward to learning and progressing in my talents and abilities and developing my "eye" for that perfect shot!
Name: Chris Donnelly
Specialty:Black and White, City Scapes, Signage, Street photography, Digital and Film

Bio: When i was in junior high my folks brought me a old Canon FTB QL at a pawn shop and ever since then i've loved all sorts of photography. While I make a living moving ones and zeros I try to keep creative and experiment with my love of photography. I look forward to collaborating on projects and learning new and old techniques. I like being in a constant state of creative growth.
Name: Fabio Videira
Specialty: People, Architecture, Nature

Bio: I was 6 years old when my uncle gave me my first camera. That immediately triggered my curiosity and creativity for this fascinating field. Growing up among professional photographers (two uncles!), gave me the opportunity to be exposed and experience different types of photography and learn darkroom techniques. Photography has always been one of my passions, however, only a year ago I decided to invest in new equipment. I have been shooting (a lot!) with my Fuji 4900Z (digital), Canon EOS (35mm) and, my recent purchase, a Seagull (6x6).